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Test list

Here you will find the complete list of our analyses with details of the required test material, pre-analytical notes and reference ranges. Please note that the reference ranges may change in individual cases. The values given on the laboratory reports are therefore always decisive.

Specific allergen tests (Immuno-CAP) can be found on the various allergen lists.

In addition, you will find information on requesting laboratory tests for selected medical indications.

Detailed information on various diagnostic questions can be found under the heading publications.

Notes on measurement uncertainty

The measurement uncertainty describes the scatter of measurement results around the so-called "true value". These deviations occur in each section of the analysis.
We carry out regular checks and take measures to be able to recognize the extent of the deviations and fluctuations in good time and to limit them to the prescribed limits.
For a meaningful interpretation of our laboratory findings, we can provide the respective measurement uncertainties on request if necessary.