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General policies


Account number

Each client is assigned an account number which appears on all request forms, reports and invoices. It is important that the request form accompanying samples has the correct account number to avoid errors in reporting and billing.



Reports are provided on our online diagnostic information system and can be printed in your own lab.

Bioscientia reference ranges are printed in the report along with the results.

Changes in reference ranges because of revised methodology are indicated on the report.

The following indications are made on each Bioscientia report:

(**) Reference Analysis

(*) Affiliated Laboratory

(+) Analysis not yet accredited

(#) This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Bioscientia, Ingelheim, Germany. It has not been cleared or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration



Only analyses which are already completed are charged. Contract number are stated on the invoices, if desired.


Referred tests

Some of our analyses are sent to laboratories outside of Bioscientia GmbH. Every effort is made to ensure that referral laboratories are of a high standard and quality. Bioscientia cannot guarantee turnaround times for these tests.

Referred tests are indicated on each Bioscientia report with (**) Reference Analysis.