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The 17 Sustainability Goals of the United Nations lead the way to a fair future for all people on our planet. The areas of climate protection and, above all, health are relevant for us:

People are getting older, the chances of curing many diseases are increasing. 
We see laboratory diagnostics playing a shaping role in precise and digital medicine. 

All over Germany there is a shortage of specialists and young people - including in the healthcare sector.
We provide training and continuing education in all parts of the company, in academic and non-academic professional fields.

Warmer seasons lead to changes in flora and fauna, and "tropical" diseases are increasingly to be expected in our country as well.
Migration brings colourful life and at the same time resistance situations as well as forgotten disease patterns to our region.
We are always up-to-date with new challenges and in close scientific exchange with our clients. We implement new findings immediately, in line with the Medical Leadership philosophy within Sonic and Bioscientia.

Nanotechnology, 3D printers, big data, robotics, AI: the demands on willingness to learn, knowledge management and interdisciplinary work are growing. As a laboratory, we are part of the critical infrastructure and like to think of it as "critical to success". We find answers to future questions in digitalization, automation, the networking of the outpatient and inpatient sectors and increased online presence. And we relate knowledge transfer to medicine just as much as to issues of data protection or billing.

We also bring samples into our regional laboratories from sparsely populated areas because people there desire the same medical quality as in the urban areas. In doing so, we constantly pay attention to our CO2 balance, balancing route planning and quality of care.

Everything is changing. Ever more quickly. How do we bring together the opportunities and risks of major social and medical changes? 

By organizing time and space for the essentials: Laboratory diagnostic care for the people of today and tomorrow and personal dialogue with our partners.

We help people to know more about their health.