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What influence does lifestyle have on health?

Health is very important to Germans, says the Value Index for the fourth time in a row. And on the net, every 20th Google search query has a health reference. The motivation is not only to determine illnesses, but also to stay healthy and fit, to optimize oneself. Everyone knows that smoking, alcohol abuse or overweight are bad for your health. Even doctors of antiquity recognised that moderate enjoyment, plenty of exercise and fresh air keep the body healthy and young. The challenge today seems to be much more to implement all this knowledge about a healthy lifestyle in everyday life. Because our scarcest resource is time. Stress and pressure characterize the daily work routine and urban living is associated with noise and exhaust fumes. How much influence do we actually have on our health?

The consequences of your lifestyle on your health can be partly identified with laboratory values. But in addition to "healthy habits", genetic factors also determine our health risks. You will find a selection of tests on this page. We will be happy to advise you on questions that we can answer.


Fat metabolism disorders can be congenital or caused by other diseases, such as diabetes or problems of the thyroid gland or kidneys. The most common cause of hyperlipoproteinemia, however, is an incorrect lifestyle. These include obesity, unhealthy nutrition, stress and lack of exercise. Elevated blood lipids, especially LDL cholesterol, are a risk factor for coronary heart disease and heart attack. Keep an eye on your values with us: Cholesterol, blood sugar, blood lipids, but also hereditary fat metabolism disorders are tested by us.


Whether dietary trends, morals or intolerance, laboratory tests tell you how your body reacts to certain diets.

  • With our celiac disease test, we can reliably diagnose gluten intolerance. Cereals should not be avoided before the test.
  • Lactose and fructose intolerance can be diagnosed using breath tests offered by the gastroenterologist or genetic tests.
  • Vegans should ensure a sufficient intake of certain nutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron. We will be happy to determine corresponding values for you.

Power reduction

Thyroid diseases and iron deficiency have one thing in common: the symptoms are often simply accepted for some time. If you are tired and underperforming, think of iron deficiency and hypothyroidism. Diarrhoea, weight loss and heat intolerance are symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
A TSH test or ferritin test can provide important answers to unspecific complaints such as unusual tiredness.

Deficiency symptoms - what is missing?

We take in most vitamins with a balanced, healthy diet. A few vitamins and trace elements may be insufficient: 

  • A vitamin D deficiency is very common and should be remedied. However, the level should first be determined with a vitamin D test.
  • An iron deficiency is the most common reason for chronic fatigue, this is clarified by determining the ferritin.
  • Vegetarians or patients who take antacids suffer relatively often from a vitamin B12 deficiency. We recommend regularly determining the holotranscobalamin. A deficiency should be treated, as it can lead to neuronal damage.
  • A folic acid deficiency, especially during pregnancy, should also be diagnosed and corrected: To the folic acid test.