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In addition to the laboratory values generated for you during our measurements, there are other values our success is based on: transparency, fairness, trust, sincerity, respect, reliability.

These are values that our teams work by, that guide us in our medical services and which we show towards our customers and partners day by day.


Medical Leadership


Sonic Healthcare focuses on high-quality medical diagnostics for patients. In addition to technical excellence, this requires commitment and empathy. All decisions are guided by the answer to the question "What is the medically best"? Sonic Healthcare calls this guiding principle "Medical Leadership", a principle to which we at Bioscientia are also happy to commit ourselves to with full conviction.

Years of experience have shown us that medical leadership guarantees standards that benefit patients and doctors alike. An experienced management team complements the medical management. Sonic Healthcare's CSR-Report 2018 sums it up: "We see medicine as a profession rather than a business" (l.c., page 4).


The Sonic Values


Commit to Service Excellence

To willingly serve all those with whom we deal, with unsurpassed excellence.


Treat each other with Respect & Honesty

To grow a workplace where trust, team spirit and equality are an integral part of everything we do.


Demonstrate Responsibility & Accountability

To set an example, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability, and to seek help when needed.


Be Enthusiastic about Continuous Improvement

To never be complacent, to recognise limitations and oppertunities for ourselves and processes; and to learn through these.


Maintain Confidentiality

To keep all information pertaining to patiens, as well as professional and commercial issues , in strict confidence.